The Church

I went to The Church in London yesterday. I went to drink, to party, to have a great time. I am a sinner and I needed to be purified with alcohol.
Here’s the full story.
Saturday morning, bright an early, about 3pm, Bruce and I finally dragged ourselves out of bed, shoved some clothes into our backpacks and headed off to the train station. We were on our way to London! After arriving at St Pancras we made our way to Bruce’s sister’s place (near Russell square) where we dumped our stuff, and had a quick meal of pizza. We had plans to meet up with Anna and Sarah that night. Slight tangent here, I don’t think I’ve talked about Anna and Sarah before…
Well while I was in Italy I met these two fantastic British girls Anna and Sarah. They were travelling the same sort of route I was, but more importantly they could party the same sort of way I was, so we ended up travelling together for more than two weeks. For those of you who have seen my trip photos, they are the two blonde girls that feature in a lot of my Italy pictures. Anyway they had just finished Uni and were enjoying their last free summer before they both took up trainee solicitor jobs in London. We had a great time together and promised to keep in touch when we were back in the UK. So back to the story…
So we headed out to Covent Garden, to this really nice place called Henry’s to meet up with Anna and Sarah and some of their friends. The drinks were expensive, but the place was cool, and this was London after all. We traded stories, caught up with what we’ve all been up to these last couple of months, and generally had a really good time. Bruce and I knew that we were going to The Church the next day so we didn’t end up getting totally blind drunk. Just a little drunk. After Henry’s closed (at 11pm, again English drinking hours SUCK!) were wandered around, was going to go to the Garden Club, but the line was massive and it cost £12 entry. Again London prices, but yeah, Bruce and I said our goodbyes, stumbled back to his sister’s place (after a number of wrong turns) and talked to his sister for a couple of hours before crashing.
At 10am the next morning we were up and about! Why this ungodly hour? Well we only have a little while before we needed to be at Church. The whole original reason for coming down to London was to meet up with my friend Bull and go to The Church. It was Bull’s second last day in the country, he had come up to see me earlier this month (see this entry) and I wanted to return the favour and see him off. He will be back in Australia by Christmas, his travelling days over for the moment. So he met us outside the tub station at Kentish Town and we made our way to the place of worship.
The Church is an institution. It’s something that you simply have to do. It involves drinking, and more drinking. You worship alcohol in the best way possible. You can only buy drinks in multiples of three. So you drink, and then drink some more, then drink even more. There was music, and alcohol, and woman seemed to flash their boobies at a lot. The place is dark, there is sawdust on the floor, you think it’s night time, but it’s not. There were Aussies everywhere, as well as lots of Kiwis and South Africans. We were pissed by midday, and literally falling down by 4pm came round and it was time to leave. If you go to The Church you go to get drunk, there is really not much point otherwise. Fragma, you would have loved it.
Once we left the Church we found a nice quiet bar near Kings Cross station called Scream. We had some more drinks, had some food and then got ready to go home. So we got back on the tube and completely randomly bumped into these other guys who we had seen at the Church, so we went off to a pub called Punch and Judy in Covent Garden with them, had even more drinks, and then did finally have to push off. We said goodbye to Bull, it was great seeing him again, and I’ll be really sad to see him go. So far I’ve only seen Bull, Jacqui and Morgs from back home and I hate it when they all have to leave again.
So we eventually made our way back to Bruce’s sister’s place, grabbed out stuff, and singing Waltzing Matilda at the top of our voices, stumbled back to where our train was leaving from. We eventually got home (back in Nottingham) around midnight and I promptly fell straight asleep. What a weekend.

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  1. I’ve always been an alcoholic mate! I can just hold my drink better than you so it’s less apparent ^_^


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