Happy Birthday Fragma!

Ah the wonders of this blog system. I can turn back time and make it appear like I didn’t write this one day late!
Happy Birthday Fragma! You’re now 23. Pretty boring age really. I’ll be there in a couple more months. Not really looking forward to it.
I hope you had a fantastic birthday. Spent lots of money on booze, and partied hard. It was good talking to you this afternoon (or 2am in the morning in your case). Hopefully it didn’t cost as much as when I talked to you when I was in Munich and you were in Fiji (or where ever you were! ^_^). At least my phone didn’t run out of credit this time.
So anyway enjoy yourself mate and take care.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Fragma!

  1. Hey,
    Yeah, I doubt it would of costed that much, easier than trying to call your 50 digit home phone number (kinda hard drunk at 2am in the morning). Just to get the story right i was on Tioman island about an 1hr off the mainland of Malaysia :). Went down to the glen after work on firday night then on saturday night i went to someones 21st then went to Dicey Rileys untill they closed at 2am. Thats when i called you. Spent lots and lotsa money on drink, had a pretty good b’day weekend. Thanks again for the “turn back time” message.


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