The New Era

After a week off the air, the fourth episode of the O.C. season two came out. As usually we all camped out in my room to watch it. My friends back home who have only just finished season one have warned me off from putting spoilers in my posts, so I’ll do my best to keep my descriptions non-descript ^_^
This is definitely the best episode so far this season. In fact I think it tops most of the episodes from last season as well. It’s just so cool, a new era indeed. Everyone comes together and then goes in different directions, things turn out as you expect, but at the same time it’s great when the surprises come. A fantastic episode, a new start.
Also guess what Calvin! The Killers were guest band on the O.C. this episode. They played Smile Like You Mean It, Mr. Brightside and Everything Will Be Alright. I really like the sound of the live version of Mr. Brightside. I know you are going to see The Killers live soon Calvin so you’ll have to tell me what they are like.
Written while listening to The Killers – Mr Brightside (album version).