Family Reunited

I haven’t got long to talk.
I am flying to Paris tomorrow where I’ll meet up with my mother and brother’s, whom I haven’t seen since leaving Australia back in January this year. Then I am spending a couple of days with them, then going with my brothers to Amsterdam for a few days, then meeting back up with Mum is London for a few days, then spending Chirstmas in Milton Keynes with my cousin, then spending New Years in Liverpool with my other cousin, and then finally back here to Nottingham to do exams.
So if I don’t post for a while that’s why. Now I am running stupidly late so I’ve got to go!

4 thoughts on “Family Reunited

  1. Good use of expression, ‘brothers’ has no apostraphe
    Try harder next time
    Grade: B-
    p.s. your handwriting sux


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