It’s been a really full on past couple of weeks.
We had Christmas in Milton Keynes with my cousin Simone. It was just like a real family Christmas, lots of great food, and great company. On boxing day we walked down to the pub while Ed and Toby tried to canoe, however ones they got to the Grand Union Canal it was frozen over, so that quickly put an end to that idea. I drank far too much and ate far too much, and overall had a fantastic time.
We went up to Liverpool on the 30th to stay with my other cousin John. Again we ate to much and drank too much and had a fantastic time. New Year’s was rather laid back, but fun all the same. I called home and talked to Fragma, Wulfen, Rur and Nash which was great. I hadn’t talked to some of those guys since leaving Australia so it was really good to have a long proper conversation with them.
On the 2nd, Ed, Jeremy and I drove down to Nottingham from Liverpool, via North Wales (a very round about way I know, but they wanted to see castles!). Mum stayed up in Liverpool because the plan was for me to take Ed and Jezz out for the night in Notts and show them what a party town it was. So this was going to be the last time I saw mum before she went back to Australia. She cried, told me to look after myself, said she loved me, all that nice stuff. It was sad to go, I really loved seeing her again after so long, but I still needed to leave and more and more I am happy with that decision and my decision to stay.
So we went down to Nottingham, where all of my housemates except Bruce had already gotten back from their holiday break. We ended up going out to Dogma and having a great night. I got very drunk, but my brothers, needed to get up early the next morning and drive back to Liverpool, only got a little tipsy. Overall it was a great night, a very interesting night.
Ed and Jezz left the next day. No tears here of course, just some manly hugs.
No I am trying to finish off coursework and start on my study and catch up on everything I put on hold for the holidays.
One of the first things I did though was watch the new O.C! Episodes 5 and 6 had been released while I was away and wow what fantastic episodes they were.
I am not going to spoil it for anyone back home, but there is another Christmukkah episode! Fun all around.
I’ll try to keep this updated over the next couple of weeks but it will be difficult with all the work I’ve got to do. I’ll do my best though!

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