Nihongo no benkyo o shimasu

I had my first exam today. A 20 minute Japanese speaking exam worth 30% of my marks for the subject. It was more difficult that I expected, but I think I did well overall.
So my exam period has officially started, and boy do I have a lot of work to do. I have slacked off this semester more than any other semester in my entire university career other than my very first semester in first year. For two of my subjects, both with 100% exams, I have barely been to any lectures. Perhaps two for one of them and three for the other. I have to catch up a whole semester’s work over the next few days. I have five exams in the next two weeks, plus two pieces of coursework due. So my social life is effectively going to be dead for a while. That’s ok though because all my housemates are in the same situation so there won’t be anyone going out and having fun.
This is my last semester. No more exams after this. I think this fact is partly to blame for my apathy. I really just don’t care anymore about exams. I am over it. My marks won’t count here. All I have to do is pass. At the moment though I am struggling to find the enthusiasm to do the work just needed to pass, let alone doing extra work to do well. I just can’t wait till the 21st, when it’s all over, and I can party!

And then start thinking about what I really want to do with the rest of my life.

7 thoughts on “Nihongo no benkyo o shimasu

  1. the worst thing is that there are always so many distractions when your exams are on… sock drawer here we come 🙂


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