The First 24 Minutes

Well in my continuing effort to avoid doing any work, I’ve obtained a teaser for season 4 of 24.
Though I am still incredibly addicted to The O.C. right now, I can see this season of 24 quickly grabbing my complete attention. I had forgotten how much I missed 24, and these first 24 minutes certainly wet my appetite. Thankfully more episodes aren’t out otherwise I would never get any work done.

3 thoughts on “The First 24 Minutes

  1. Is this the series where Jack has something to eat and goes to the bathroom?! Wow, this is going to be awesome!!
    (Kidding. I’m 24’s bitch)


  2. 5 episodes deep, and season 4 is shaping up nicely. Much stronger start and content than where things were at this point in season 3. Cleaning house helped, I think.
    Get on Yahoo! more often, mate!


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