The Hacker Comes To Town

On Tuesday I had my Digital Business Communication exam. I probably studied less for this exam than any other exam in my entire university career except for Introduction to Chemical Engineering back in first year. I just couldn’t work up the enthusiasm. Things kept on distracting me; I let them keep on distracting me. I am pretty sure I passed, but I know I didn’t do well. Usually for me passing isn’t the issue, what I am generally unsure of is how well I did. Yeah well this time, that’s not the case. Oh well, one bright spark was that during my exam, Jimmy the Hacker flew into Nottingham East Midlands Airport from Rome…
Yes just Jimmy the Hacker, not Ads in sight. I haven’t really carried on my reporting about Ads other than mentioning that we met up with them in Paris and Amsterdam in December. Well he and Jimmy have travelled all around the place since then, and though Jimmy has to be back in Australia next week to start work, Ads hasn’t organised anything specific to do now that he has finished Uni. So he got his plane ticket extended, and is currently off on his own doing some more travelling. I think it’s a fantastic idea and wish him all the best. He said he will pop by Nottingham at some point in his travels, so I’m looking forward to that (I hope I’m still here by then).
Anyway Jimmy the Hacker showed up, toting a big bottle of Absinthe from Prague. I had just come from my DBC exam, and I had some DBC coursework due the next day. It was supposed to be a 3000 work report, and at that point I had written about 500 words. So we sat around and talked for a while, not getting blind drunk and hallucinating, and then at about 10pm I started working on finishing my report. Boring I know, but even in my current state of apathy I couldn’t hand in just 500 words for this coursework.
Jimmy stayed another night and then headed off this morning. I don’t think I was very good company, I’ve just buried in my books, or on my computer doing work all the time he has been here (well some of the time). He is off to London now for a couple of days before heading home, so I hope he has more fun there than he did here. All my housemates are of course studying as well, so there was really no one here to entertain him or show him around at all. Poor effort on my part I must admit.
Anyway so now I am back to procrastinating, writing this entry instead of doing so much needed work. I’ve got a Japanese written exam at 9am on Saturday morning and then three more exams next week. Ah the life of a Uni student ^_^

3 thoughts on “The Hacker Comes To Town

  1. +1 Distraction , me.
    You should really do some work. Although there is plenty of time to do that once you graduate.
    Aint IRC great


  2. You posted in the wrong comment space mate! Too much JD. Yeah IRC is great, though you’re more like +5 Distraction ^_^ Don’t remind me about work either!
    Have a good sleep and day off tomorrow.


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