Another Weekend Expires

Thanks Calvin for the title. Calvin’s (relatively) new blog can be found here.

A pretty uneventful weekend all round. Not too much in the way of distractions. Though I was awake from Friday morning at 10am till Sunday morning at 3am. I’m kinda tired now. I just got up. The weekend isn’t officially over yet, but it is for me. I’ve really got to start doing some work. I had my Japanese exam Saturday morning. Went to it having not slept at all the night before, having not done any work at all in the days before it, and think I did alright overall. It is the first time I’ve ever done absolutely no preparation for an exam, but this one I didn’t even need to pass, I didn’t need credit for it back home, and I couldn’t find the energy at all to study, so I didn’t. Thankfully the work I did during the semester paid off and I’m pretty sure I scraped through a decent mark.

So now I’m on to study Financial Management, the subject whose average mark last year was 46%. Joy!

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