The End Is Nigh

This afternoon I sat my third last exam ever. It was on Financial Management, and as usual, I had done far, far too little work for it. For the first time I was actually coming close to almost fearing I might fail. It was a little scary actually. If I failed this subject it would completely screw up my plans. I wouldn’t be able to graduate, I would need to finish off just one more subject, and I would have to do it back at UQ… ewww
The exam went well though, and I think I managed to somehow get a pass. I’ve got two more exams on Friday, but all of tomorrow to bum around and not do study for them. Then comes Friday night, when I’ll get absolutely shitfaced! ^_^
In other news, and in the current trend of me avoiding doing any study, I’ve now watched the first five episodes of season four of 24! I completely agree with the comments Brendan made to this entry about this season being much stronger up till this point than the equivalent place in last season. I’m actually glad that Jack is the only real main character back. Looks like he’ll get to do some real badass shooting in episode 6 as well!
P.S. Brendan, I’ll be on Yahoo this weekend… when I sober up.
Listening to Sometimes by My Bloody Valentine.

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