Penultimate Day

Ok this is an entry completely devoid of any real substance, but tomorrow I will undertake my last two (undergraduate) University exams ever! Of course I am procrastinating, avoiding doing the work I should be doing, and thus, here I am writing this…
La! La! La!
Told you this entry was devoid of any real substance.
At this point in my schooling career, nearing the end of seventeen years of continuous education, I would like to think I’ve followed Mark Twain’s outlook on it all.
“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”
By this time tomorrow I’ll be a free man. Hopelessly intoxicated on Absinthe.
Written while listening to Everything is Alright by Fourtet (damnit, it only took me 2 minutes 31 seconds to write this entry, should have picked a longer song ^_^)

5 thoughts on “Penultimate Day

  1. Hehe, the text containing the picture of you humping a pig? Yes I got it ^_^
    Will write more soon, once my headache goes away.


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