My Australia Day went off with a bang. Drank more cans of XXXX that I can count. I wanted to be patriotic and drink a good Australian beer, more importantly a Queensland, a Brisbane beer. Of course the XXXX you get here is brewed in Scotland, but still, it’s good stuff.
We drank a few beers at our place first, and Nick and Little Matt from the office came round. After way too much beer we decided it would be a good idea to whip out the Absinthe. Heh well it was a good idea for most of us, but Bruce didn’t take too kindly to it, and there is evidence on our front porch to prove it! This morning when I got back, the shot glasses were stuck to the table, and the absinthe had melted through the covering on the top of the table. This is seriously strong stuff.
Taxis arrived; we all bundled in, and headed off to Bar BZR. Still can’t beat those £2.50 triples. We drank there until last orders. We had already bought queue-jump tickets for The Works at the Grove earlier that night, so we didn’t mind leaving until late. When we got into the Works we realised that it was School Daze! Lots of fit freshers dressed up in school uniforms to celebrate the start of the new term. It was a great night, and they actually played some halfway decent music.
Came home and got some fantastic garlic bread from the place up the street! It’s great; you get a pizza base but covered with garlic, butter and spices. So yummy. Viki and I stayed up talking and eating that for a while, before I eventually crashed out. A great night overall, a good way to celebrate my nation’s national day.
Also a big shout out to Nash, who turns 23 today! Happy birthday Nash!

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