Care Package

I’ve received a surprise in the mail! A care package sent by Calvin all the way from Australia. It contained a variety of goodies and I really appreciated getting it. I’ve already emailed my thanks to Calvin. He has always been a great friend over the years and I even though I know he is so often busy (and/or caught up in the neurotic world of being a writer :P) am really thankful that he still takes the time and makes the effort to keep in touch.
Included in this care package was a carefully constructed mix CD, and as Calvin predicted, Casual Friday by Black Leotard Front has become me new favourite song. It’s such a hip, laid-back mix; I love it. The track listing that Calvin made to accompany the CD is fantastic too, in a serial killer sort of way. I can tell he went to a lot of effort, and I’ve currently got all three pages of track titles on my wall. The care package also included a copy of The Fall by Albert Camus. I think I appreciate the book most of all, reading it while listening to the mix CD did help to “sap my complacency”, as was suggested.
I’m really lucky to have friends like Calvin, and I hope he knows I an very thankful for his friendship.
Written while listening to Calvin’s mix CD. Fantastic stuff.

One thought on “Care Package

  1. Hehhe. The packaging for the CD was made of cut out and photocopied newspaper letters. I had never done anything like that before and thought ‘right, this should be pretty easy.’ I underestimated somewhat. After about 2hrs it had become one of those tasks that you have to get finished as your whole world has come to depend on it…. Anyway, it came off looking pretty awesome. Rather like your new hair =)


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