New Hair

After the comments made in this entry, I thought I would post some pictures of my new hair cut. They aren’t very good pictures, having been taken in the gloom of Tantra last night by a less than sober photographer, but I don’t think I look too bad.
So here they are!
Picture One has Graeme on the left not looking at the camera.
Picture Two has Bruce on the left playing the fool.
That’s Nikkie on the right in both of them…
My housemates found out, so it doesn’t really matter if I divulge it here now, but after the events I talked about in my Consequences entry, Nikkie and I didn’t manage to keep to our decision of not letting it happen again. In fact, when I commented in this entry that it was “A pretty uneventful weekend all round. Not too much in the way of distractions.”, I kinda underplayed the fact that the reason I got not sleep at all on the Friday night before my Japanese exam was because Nikkie had just come back from being away on placement all week and so I was otherwise occupied 😛
Just to clarify now though, we are just friends. We are really close, and get on fantastically well, but nothing more is going to happen between us. We’ve talked about this over many a cup of coffee, and our decision has held out over the last two drunken weekends, so I am certain that the last time was indeed the last time, and that it won’t happen again. I am not just writing this for the sake of my other housemates who will read this (even though we did try and keep the fact that it happened again (and again) a secret originally), I really mean it when I say it this time. We got it out of our systems now, so to speak, and so will go on being just really good friends.
Written while listening to One More Time by Daft Punk. No pun intended ^_^

4 thoughts on “New Hair

  1. First you had your arms around a guy, now your drinking what only can be called fag drinks 🙂
    Your slipping old boy….


  2. Dinner and drinks probably. I’m going to my cousin’s place tomorrow for the weekend (she and I share the same birthday), but am coming back home for the actual day.


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