Television Review

So I’ve not had much to do lately. Well other than look for a job, but that’s a whole story in itself. So I’ve been watching a lot of TV, shows both old and new. Here’s a brief review of what I’ve been watching recently.
Dawson’s Creek Season 1
Well I just literally finished watching all thirteen episodes of the first season of Dawson’s creek. That’s sort of what prompted this post. I love this show. I’m not ashamed to say it. I remember watching this series when it was first screened back in 1998. It was great! The characters in it were fifteen, stupidly over-analytical, used lots of four-syllable words, thought they were more intelligent than everyone else, and were in fact emotionally clueless. In short they were TV versions of me! Joey accuses Dawson at one point of thinking of his life as a Hollywood movie, where in fact things are more complicated in reality. For a while I was the same way with respect to this show. I was sad when I watched the final episode, which I talked about in my You Can Never Ever Leave Without Leaving A Piece Of Youth entry back around this time last year. It was nice now, almost a year later, to revisit where it all started.
The O.C. Season 1
Over the last few days I’ve been re-watching the entire first season of The O.C. We’ve been having almost daily “OC-fests”, watching a few episodes at a time, and as Nikkie missed a lot of the episodes the first time round, it’s almost like watching it for the first time again. Seeing her reactions as the story unfolds reminds me of how I felt what I first watched it. This is not high-brow drama here; it’s just a bit of fun. It isn’t as heavily laden with teen angst as Dawson’s Creek was, but then, I’ve grown up, grown out of all of that (I hope) and so I’m not looking to relate anymore. I’m looking for some good clean (and not so clean) enjoyment and the OC provides that.
The O.C Season 2
I have watched up to episode 10 in this serious so far. Episode 11 should be released tonight. My housemates and I still have our weekly ritual, getting together (usually in my room) to watch each new episode. The six or so episodes of this season were great, the last couple though have been pretty average, and I’m hoping that it picks up in the next episode.
24 Season 4
I watched episode 07 last night. Oh my God! So bloody cool! I’ve been a big fan of 24 since it started. This most recent season is shaping up really well. Jack’s as big a baddass as ever, and they’ve managed to come up with yet another “threat” that’s actually not that bad. Plus the ending to this most recent episode was just so cool. I’m not going to spoil anything for those who haven’t seen it yet, but you’ll know what I mean when you do.
I never really watched this that often at home, but now I can’t miss a single day of it! BBC1 screens it twice a day, but I am not quite so pathetic as to watch it that often. Still it’s addictive and I think there is a law somewhere that states that in order for me to legally live in this country I must follow Neighbours.
So I’ve been sucked into the British Soap Obsession. Hollyoaks is one of the newer breed of shows like East Enders and Coronation Street. It’s a shameless soap, but it’s full of good looking girls and funny plot lines, so for half an hour each night I can escape to a little place in Chester and have some cheesy enjoyment.
The Prisoner
BBC4 screens two episodes a week of this classic series. They are up to episode 14, so there are only a couple of weeks to go before the series concludes. This is such a fantastic show. For all the trouble I often go to in an effort to understand things, this is one show which I like because there is so much about it I don’t understand, so much that I don’t know.
“I am not a number; I am a free man!” – Number 6. The Prisoner
Written while listening to Keane’s Bedshaped.
Be Seeing You ^_^

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