Feeling Old

As of a few minutes ago I am 23 years old. My housemate Ben, sitting just across the hall in his room, asked me, “You’re 38 now, right Aussie?”. That’s what you get I guess when living in a house full of teenagers. Cheeky young rascals 😛
I’ll write more about my weekend, and birthday celebrations soon.

4 thoughts on “Feeling Old

  1. I was waiting for this post. Happy Birthday mate!
    I’ll just break out the kangaroos and boomerangs for the celebration, heh aussie 🙂


  2. Happy Birthday Mate.
    You know what’s funny? A month from today I’ll be 22.
    Show those teenagers that our age bracket can still party.

    Where’s my cane?

    What was I talking about?


  3. Thanks guys!
    We are going out tonight, and I’ll show these youngsters how to party hard!
    That’s if I can remember where we are meeting ^_^


  4. happy birthday for yesterday michael, or happy birthday and one day for today! Just think, 10 years ago we’d just started highschool… oh god i wish i hadn’t written that. Now i feel ancient. 😦


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