Absence Explained

Well I realised that because I haven’t posted in so long, all my other entries have been removed from my front page, and now it looks ugly, so I need to add some filler. Feel lucky people because all I can think of to fill the gaps is to write a post… filling in the gaps of the last couple of weeks.
So without further ado, and in no particular order, here are some exciting, and not so exciting things that have happened:

  • I’ve been drunk multiple times (well duh!).
  • I’ve been ill with a sort throat.
  • I still haven’t started looking for a job, but I’ve been offered two.
  • Nikkie has found another house and is moving out.
  • I’ve been ill with flu like symptoms.
  • Ads showed up!
  • Valentines Day was actually pretty good this year.
  • I went out to Ocean while still ill, but had a great time.
  • I didn’t go out to Tantra while still ill, but still had a good time.
  • I’ve given up unhealthy food for Lent (Nikkie forced me).
  • I got my Uni results back and absolutely owned everything.
  • I topped my Computer Security subject even having done the exam drunk.
  • I took the legs off my bed and am now effectively sleeping on the floor.
  • I’ve read more books that I care to recall.
  • I’ve watched more TV that I care to recall. The OC and 24 still rock.
  • I ran out of shaving cream and so had a scruffy beard for a while.

Ok that’s all I can think of right now. Be content with it ^_^

4 thoughts on “Absence Explained

  1. hope Liverpoll goes well and the Mersey is looking cleaner
    did my teacher training in Liverpool – let me work it out – 35 years ago – and we were the first male student intake into a previously all-female college. I really loved those college days – got sent down a couple of times (playng poker, too rebellious etc) but finished the course before being catapulted out into the wider cauldron of life.
    The name of the college was the C.F. Mott Teacher Training College on the outskirts of Liverpool – the suburb Huyton seems to ring a bell.
    Please let me know if you pass it!
    Good fortune to you in old Beatle-land – mychael


  2. Thanks Mychael! I think I’ll really enjoy living Mersyside.
    And Calvin, you’re absolutely right! It’s quite great actually. Who _would_ have though!? ^_^


  3. Hrm, Excel Saga – Hidden EP
    What to do –
    Hey , mind if i :
    a) Stick it in
    b) Stick it in
    c) Stick it in
    See , you cant help it….


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