Crash Into Me

Well it’s been a long weekend. I only just got home. Saturday I got the train down to London to meet up with Anna and Sarah, the two fun and crazy girls I travelled around most of Italy with last summer. Sarah is heading off in two weeks to the Middle East for six months to do some work for her firm. I hadn’t seen her since Christmas so I wanted to take the opportunity to catch up with both her and Anna before she left. So I got the train down, had a lovely lunch with Sarah, and then went back to her apartment to find Anna just crawling out of bed after a heavy previous night. We sat around and had some coffee while I enjoyed their fantastic view out over the river Thames. It was good to see them both again, and we had a lot of catching up to do, but soon the afternoon ran out and I had to come back up to Nottingham. Anna and Sarah both wanted me to stay the night, come out clubbing with them to the Kross in Kings Cross, which was open to 6am that night, but I had to beg off. That night was Nikkie’s physiotherapy ball and I had to get back! So after a long day in London I jumped on a train heading back home, and thankfully made it back in time. I think Nikkie would have been quite displeased if I had made her late for the ball ^_^
On Sunday Nikkie’s parents were coming up to bring her some furniture and stuff for her new house. I had met Nikkie’s parents a couple of times before; once while in Newark hall, and once when they came to our house. They are both really nice, but meeting them this time was a little different. I was no longer just the friend/housemate, I was now the boyfriend, the older boyfriend. I was a little worried to start with, but the day actually went really well. I helped Nikkie’s dad put together Nikkie’s chest of draws and desk, and then we all went to lunch together. Nikkie’s mum quizzed us a little during lunch, because she really had no idea what had been going on (!!! I hope she never finds my blog ^_^) but it seemed cool in the end. Nikkie’s sister had also come up, and it was nice to finally meet her as well. Nikkie talked to her mum on the phone later than night and said I made a good impression, so that made me feel good. My mum also rang that night, and I told her all about Nikkie and what had been going on. Mum was typical mum, asking all these awkward questions, and telling me to look after her. Of course I will mum! Come to think of it, Nikkie’s mum said the same thing to me just before they all left.
So come Monday morning, after spending a grand total of about four hours at my house all weekend, I got Nikkie to drop me into town on her way to Uni, and I came home. I’m tired, it was a busy weekend, but a really fun and enjoyable one. I hope all my weekends to come are going to be this good.
Written while listening to Crash Into Me by Dave Mathews Band.
Calvin – I’m an emo rocker too according to that quiz.
Fragma – I appreciate all the comments, and “D” is the right option ^_^

10 thoughts on “Crash Into Me

  1. Ahh yes, good ol D … the option where you come across as being the nice guy but still doing options A to C 🙂
    Oh , and you better take good care of him Nikkie… dont make me come over there.


  2. Well I wouldn’t want to miss out on A through C now would I? 😛
    And Nikkie doesn’t read my blog, but I’ll let her know what you said. She does take good care of me, don’t worry ^_^


  3. Well then, why have I been censoring myself for all this time then…
    Ah, who am I kidding , I dont have anything to say anyway.


  4. As if Michael needs looking after! but yes i will look after him and not because ill have you guys to answer to if i dont!(although yes i am slightly scared by the threat, hehe) Im guessing the A,B,C,D thing is an in joke but A-C sound like fun ;-).


  5. Ok so I showed Nikkie my blog. Now she is looking back through my past entries. I’m glad there isn’t anything too incriminating in there ^_^
    Now as for the A,B,C,D question, I wouldn’t tell her what it meant, but she said she would get it out of me tonight at Tantra after a few cocktails. Heheh it could be an interesting night ^^


  6. Glad to hear it all went well =)
    I’m meeting the Chadmeister’s parents over Easter. He tells me they’re pretty cool. Should be interesting.


  7. By the way – the previous comments here are both hurtful and untrue. Mike’s a saint, and he only becomes more charming and urbane after a couple of drinks. No shit.


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