Forms And Football

I was up in Liverpool yesterday, doing work. I had a bunch of forms that I needed to fill out, and I also went along to a meeting at Goodison Park, home of Everton Football Club, to meet up with some of their people to discuss a hush-hush development. Very cool indeed.
Now I am back in Nottingham, in this big lonely house all by myself. Nikkie handed in her research proposal today, and now has four whole weeks off! She’s due around in about ten minutes and then we are going out to dinner.
Ads is up in Edinburgh with Bruce at the moment. I got a very drunken phone call from the two of them at 4am this morning. It sounds like they were having a great time.
It’s strange, becuase I’ll probably be up in Liverpool by the time everyone gets back. The work looks like it is going to be extremely interesting, however I am really going to miss it down here. I’m still trying to avoid thinking about it for the moment, I don’t want anything to affect how happy I am right now.
Ok! Nikkie’s here! Got to go! Hunters and Collectors – Throw Your Arms Around Me is playing right now. Heh Nikkie says I’m such a sweetie ^_^
Anyway I’m off! Be happy everyone!

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