Beautiful Brussels

My student visa expires tomorrow. If I stay in the country past tomorrow I’ll be living here illegally. I had two options, either apply to the consulate for a further leave to remain on a visitors visa, which would cost me £150, or leave the country and come back in during April and get a six months visitors visa for free on re-entry. I opted for the second option.
Later tonight Nikkie and I are heading down to her parents place in North London, and then tomorrow we are heading off on the Eurostar from London, down through the channel tunnel, and then across to Brussels. We are staying two nights at the Five Star Sheraton Brussels Hotel before getting the Eurostar back to London on Saturday. I’ll be out of the country, have a fantastic time, and come back in getting my visa for the same amount it would have cost me to apply directly to the consulate.
I found the deal on, it’s fantastically priced for what we get, including Eurostar tickets and two nights 5* accommodation at one of the best hotels in Brussels with breakfast included. The hotel looks amazing, with large rooms, comfy looking beds (^_^) and a heated indoor pool up on the 30th floor with a view over the Brussels skyline. It’s right in the heart of the city too, within walking distance of all the major attractions.
Brussels is a beautiful city. I’ve only been there once before, and then only for a couple of hours as I was making my way down from Bruges to Paris, but what I saw made me want to go back and spend more time there. There will be lots of premium Belgium beers to drink, as well as copious amounts of quality Belgium chocolate to consume. I’m really looking forward to the trip, I’m sure we are going to have an amazing time; positively indulgent!
Some people may think it’s a little strange for Nikkie and I to go on a romantic holiday, particularly to a different country and staying in an expensive hotel, when we haven’t even officially been going out for three weeks. It’s a big step, a serious thing to do, and for many people it may seem like we are going along incredibly quickly. But we know better. In our minds we’ve been together for three months rather than three weeks, and we both liked each other long before that. We’ve been almost inseparable these last three months and have become closer than I would have thought possible. We’ve lived with each other, we know everything about each other, and we were best friends before we became involved. There isn’t a single day since we’ve been officially going out that I haven’t seen her, spent some time with her. It’s been very intense, very passionate, and so I don’t think you can judge us based upon the time we’ve been “officially” going out. We’re going to enjoy this time away, have a fantastic break, have lots of fun, and then keep going on as strongly as we have so far.
Anyway I’ve got to start packing and getting ready! My next entry wont be for a couple of days, but when I get back I’ll let everyone know how it was.
Written while listening to Vertical Horizon – Everything You Want (Cheesy, I know! ^_^)

One thought on “Beautiful Brussels

  1. hope things sprouted well in Brussels
    thought you might like my new find and fund of fun – Eddie Izzard website ; – though the DVDs are more revelatory and very lateral with humour based on the absurdity of human nature and history
    if you should moved to get a DVD I’ll buy it off you at when you come over at Christmas ( cos I haven’t a clue how to order it myself!)
    Love is every mortal thing, skewering each human hour mychael


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