Robes and Room Service

I’ve got to be in Liverpool on Monday. My working permit has come through and I’ve got a few things I need to sort out up there. I’m staying the whole week, and wont be back down to Nottingham until this weekend. It’s going to be horrible, I know it. I’ve been with Nikkie everyday for the past month, and I want to continue seeing her everyday. This girl has got to me bad and I don’t know how I’m going to manage to survive a whole week apart.
Anyway rewind, I haven’t told of our Brussels adventures yet. So we went and stayed with my cousin in Milton Keynes for a couple of days, then drove down to Nikkie’s parents place and stayed there on Wednesday night, before getting up early Thursday morning, getting the train into London Waterloo, and jumping on the Eurostar! I’d been on it once before, but it was Nikkie’s first time, and she was very excited. The trip went smoothly and we arrived in Brussels at two in the afternoon. We got the metro from the train station to Rogier Place, and on reaching ground level, we were confront by our hotel. The Brussels 5 Star Sheraton Towers Hotel. Wow, I was intimidated just looking at it. We got there, checked in, and went up to our room, #24 on the 15th floor. Again, wow. This place was very, very swanky and cool. Here is a picture of me taken in the mirror in our room and here is one of the view out our window, with a very lovely Nikkie eloquently brushing her teeth in there as well. Anyway after jumping up and down a little on our king size double bed we ventured up to the top floor to check out the pool. I’m going to keep saying wow here, because it really was spectacular. We went for a swim, and a sauna, and another swim, and by then were hungry so went out strolling the streets of Brussels, found a nice restraint and had a fantastic dinner. Afterwards we went to the O-Bar, which was in the hotel, and hideously expensive, but very hip, and it had table service, and was open to late, and we only had to get the lift back to our room, so it was perfect for us. We talked and drank the night away before retiring for the night.
We slept in the next day, but made sure to get up just in time for our buffet breakfast Mmm the Belgians know how to do breakfast in style, there is nothing like offering all you can eat waffles at 10am. We then ventured forth to check out Brussels during the day. And oh what a day it was; beautiful, sunny weather, 18 degrees, clear skies, little wind. Perfect. I don’t think you could have asked for a better day. So we went walking, seeing what sights Brussels has to offer. The main square, the cathedral, the royal palace, the central park, the little man pissing. Great stuff all round. By three in the afternoon we had exhausted the sights of Brussels so decided to return to the hotel. Up to the pool again for some more swimming, and this time, because the weather was so nice, we went out on the terrace and sunbathed until 6.30! In April! That’s how fabulous the weather was. So after swimming and lazing about for a while we decided we were far too comfortable to leave the hotel for dinner, so we ordered dinner from the bar at the pool, which they promptly delivered and placed on little tables besides our deck chairs next to the pool. Room service poolside, positively indulgent. Not having the right money to pay for it we just charged it to the room, the beginning of a slippery slope. Dinner was great though, and before we knew it the pool was closing and it was 10pm. We had spent the entire afternoon and evening in our swimsuits. After that we went back to our rooms, got changed and headed down to the O-Bar for some more drinks. Again we talked into the night, and cocktails, beer and nuts (though resisting temptation to charge all of our drinks to the room). Later that night, after having a nice hot bath we decided to order room service; chocolaty desserts to finish off the evening, The guy who delivered our food gave me a slightly bemused look when I answered the door in my robe and slippers, though as I was signing the credit slip (to again charge it to the room) I figured that he must get lots of the calls at 3am in the morning.
The next day we slept in again, longer this time as breakfast on Saturday continued through till late and we didn’t have to check out till 12. Later that afternoon we caught the Eurostar back to London.
Ok so if you are finding it hard to imagine this place, think along the lines of the Park Hyatt Tokyo from Lost In Translation. There was a gym, a pool, you could walk around in your robe and slippers, the bar didn’t have a live band, but it was very cool all the same. We are both poor students, hell I’m not even a student anymore, officially I’m still unemployed! For those three days though we lived the highlife and loved every minute of it. Now that I’m back now I’m dreading checking my credit card bill though and seeing everything I charged to the room ^_^
While we were away the Pope died. We had originally planned on going to Rome to get my out of the country. I’m really glad we chose Brussels now.
Now the whole point of this trip wasn’t just to have an indulgent romantic getaway, it was to get my passport stamped with a visitors visa, which I managed to do, after a thorough interrogation by the immigration man about my plans and how I was to support myself. I had to show him my bank card and explain how I would get hold of money and everything. It was pretty scary actually, taking about 10 minutes talking to him before he actually stamped my passport. I have the stamp now, so that means I can stay legally in the country for another 6 months (though now my working permit has been approved and I submit for a working visa which will be valid for four years!).
So Saturday night we stayed at Nikkie’s parents place again, before driving back up to Nottingham the next day. Nikkie’s little sister was on holidays, so we took her and her friend up to Notts to show them around and take them out. I never imagined it would be so easy to get a 15 year old into a bar!!
Anyway so a whole heap of other stuff has been going on, but I’ve not got to get ready to head up to Liverpool. Don’t expect another entry from me till next weekend!
Also Happy Birthday to my brother Jeremy, who turns 21 tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Robes and Room Service

  1. “found a nice restraint”
    …So which one of you tied the other up, eh?
    I’m still loving your new hair, by the way =)


  2. Bellhop: TV’s there…bathroom’s there…and there’s your king-size bed
    for…[wolf-whistle, cat noise, bed
    squeaking, purr, pants, bark, howl], Hubba


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