On The Job

I’m writing this during my lunch break. I am currently up in Liverpool, at my desk, relaxing a little after this morning’s work. It has been a while since I worked in an office environment, almost two years in fact, and I had forgotten how much work it takes to do all the other little things that are only indirectly related to you actually doing your work. Still it is nice to be doing something constructive again. I’ve taken a long enough break since finishing Uni, I want to get back into the thick of it again.
So I’ll finish up the rest of the day, and then after that I only really need to be in for this big meeting on Friday (which is the reason I was brought up early to start with, to prepare and get everything ready). Then a friend of mine Tom is driving down to Leicester on Friday, so I’ll get a lift with him to Notts.
Not a very interesting entry all round I guess, but you guys had better get used to that now. I’m moving out of the hedonistic life of a university student and becoming the serious, responsible, working adult. Expect big changes! ^_^

One thought on “On The Job

  1. Wooo Work Wooo Yeah !
    Thats about all the excitment I have. Everything is downhill from here my good friend.
    Errr, i mean… Woo Work Yeah. Fun times ahead 🙂


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