Doctors And Housewives

Ok so I thought that, considering my lack of updates recently, I would write a short entry covering my recent television watching habits.
So firstly, New Doctor Who! It screens on Saturdays nights here and is up to the sixth episode, when the Daleks are back!! I really like the new Doctor, he is hip and funny and cool. Billie Piper is not bad as his assistant too. It’s got the same old storylines which are cheesy but classic, however there is also this new cool underlying “time war” thread which I haven’t heard of before which sounds very interesting. I’m definitely going to follow the rest of this series.
I’ve also started watching Desperate Housewives. It had heard all the hype, so decided to check it out. I really like the dark humour to it, my style of humour.
Of course then there is season 4 of 24, which is fantastic as always. This last episode was awesome. Bringing back old faces and keeping things exciting.
Season 2 of the OC has lagged a bit with the last couple of episodes, but now that Ryan’s brother is on the scene again things have really picked up.
I’ve also been watching random episodes of The West Wing, plus keeping up to date on Initial D Stage 4!

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