Productive Weekends

Nikkie and I are sat at our respective laptops, at the kitchen table of her house, being productive and doing work. She is writing her interprofessional learning essay and I am helping put together one of her management essays. I didn’t realise until now how much is involoved in physiotherapy apart from leraning the anatomy and treatment techniquies. I can’t help her with all of that, but at least with her professional practice stuff I can help by providing her with mainstream management theory that complements her phsyio management theory. We’ve had a very productive weekend actually. I’m surprised at how much work we have actually gotten done. Friday night we went to bed early. ^_^ Saturday morning we got up late. ^_^ ^_^ Satuday we caught up with our friends at our old house, and did a little bit of work in the afternoon. Saturday night we went out for dinner and drinks, and today we have been into town, gone shopping, and are back early enough to get lots more work done. If we get enough done now we can probably go to bed early again tonight ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

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