Site Survey Mark III

I seem to be writing a lot more of late. I credit my new notebook. I love my new baby. It’s so slim and light.
So I went out to Wolverhampton today. I’d never been there before, and really there isn’t much there to make me want to visit again. I had to to yet another site survey, this time on a much larger scale. I spent most of the morning sitting talking to the CFO about the current operation. The CFO! I mean who the hell am I? Here I am discussing upgrade plans and future rollouts with him as if I actually know what the hell I’m talking about and that my say has any value at all in the discussion, and he is listening to me! And you know what, after the first ten minutes or so I no longer felt completely in over my head. It was a good feeling. Today was a good day.
Now I’m sitting in Nikkie’s bed typing this, while she is on her computer finishing up one of her essays. I should be finishing up the one I’m working on, but I thought it was about time to take a bit of a time out.
Nikkie has Oasis playing on her computer. I love this band.

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