And The Packing Continues!

So I’m finally all packed and a bit more organised now after having three days to try and cut it down. I’m finally in Liverpool after Michael and I drove up in my car. It was a complicated trip up though, only took two and a half hours but I’m not sure I would find my way again, think I’ll stick to the trains in future.
We are off to Geoff and Linda’s now for dinner and to pick up a suitcase large enough for Michael to bring all his stuff back from his nana’s flat. Geoff and Linda really are fantastic people; Michael’s lucky to have found such great work friends in such a short space of time.
I am so excited and slightly apprehensive about meeting so many new people and remembering their names. It will be a real adventure though so I can’t wait.
I’ve tried to imagine what Australia is actually like and other than watching neighbours and seeing films set in Australia I don’t have a clear picture in my head. Obviously the weather will be totally out of this world but it is winter over there at get moment so the average temperature according to Michael’s mum is around 22 degrees. I definitely think the weather will change the lifestyle though; there will be much more outdoor living which I could definitely get used to. I’m excited about the fashion differences too, but that always gets me excited no matter where I travel. The cost of living is apparently a lot cheaper, so I should get more stuff for less money! Woohoo.

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