Michael’s working visa came through ok which is a relief. We flew out at 6am and travelled two hours on a plane to arrive at the capital city of Australia. I could fly to Amsterdam and back in that time! The scale of things here is just unreal. Canberra is a nice town. Just nice. It’s not a true capital city in the same way London is though. It was made the capital because Melbourne and Sydney fought over who would become capital of Australia and couldn’t decide. So rather than have a civil war over it, they settled on a place smack bang in the centre of the two.
First impressions are that is incredibly quiet for a capital city, everything is more spacious and with less people in it the atmosphere is fairly relaxed. The women are so much taller than in Britain (mental note: stock up on trousers!) and everywhere you look the buildings are modern and clean. I guess that’s because the country is so much younger than Britain.
The first European whose claim to having sighted and landed on Australia can be substantiated was a sea captain named Willem Janszoon (Jansz) in the ‘Duyfken’ (little dove). Janszoon set sail under the command of the Dutch East India Company to explore the south coast of New Guinea.
We sat on sofas in the middle of the main shopping centre virtually all day. I blame the jet lag. But sofas randomly in a shopping centre? Very bizarre but rather classy.
Overall, Canberra was a bit of a disappointment. Most Australians’ I have spoken too before and after the trip agree but I guess it serves its job as housing the federal government but it’s certainly not a real capital city compared to any I’ve ever been to.
Our returning flights have changed as Michael’s course bookings got altered. The woman he was dealing with from the Microsoft course went off on annual leave without finishing booking him into the second one so we are now staying a whole extra week! This means we can have a week up the coast!
Went to Simon and Kristy’s place for a quiet night after flying back into Brisbane at 6pm. So much for the quiet night. Take away seemed to energise us and once again, the beers came out, followed by wine, vodka and whiskey. Nine hours and way too many drinks later we finally got a taxi home and clambered into bed.

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