A Brisbane Virgin

Michael and Simon took me on a walking tour of Brisbane after a lazy morning recovering from the night before. It was a beautiful winter’s day and I burned my stomach in 10 minutes of sitting on the veranda – this is the life!
Brisbane is phenomenal, truly beautiful. Everything is clean, shiny and brand new. We went through Queens Street Mall, which is not a shopping centre in English terms as it is outside! The whole city is set out so well, what with the incorporation of trees and new shiny buildings everywhere along with a man-made beach in Southbank, a good transport system (or so it seems) including a city cat, botanical gardens and a great night life. It seems like a great place to live as a young adult. As far as I can see this city has everything, and so much more, to offer young people. Sure, like any city it’s more expensive to live in but there is so much to do here. Out of the many places I’ve travelled to I think Hilversum (Holland), Vancover and Brisbane are the three I love the most.
We walked past some new sky scrapers which had been transformed into apartment blocks, each with a balcony and a sensational view of the river. Alongside it was a jogging route, grass spacious enough to be classed as a park (in the centre of the city!), bars and clubs a few streets away and the fantastic weather to round it all off.

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