New Farm Park And A Few Drinks Later

We’ve been here four days and the jet lag has finally ended. We got up incredibly early – 6.30am – to go to the Gunshop café with Helen for some breakfast. The food was divine and has a reputation as the best breakfast in the city. As with so many popular cafés here, this place was tiny (enough for about 50 people) and had people queuing to get in by 7.30am! I had French toast with strawberries and organic yogurt and a smoothie of orange, mango and banana, Michael had French toast with bacon and maple syrup, which sounded awful but tasted exquisite and Helen had salmon, scrambled eggs and toast, which was also fabulous.
Michael had organised a BBQ in New Farm Park for the afternoon to catch up with all his friends. I was slightly unsure how a BBQ was going to be possible in the middle of a park, I thought maybe we would go and buy a couple of throw away BBQs but on the assurance of Michael that we wouldn’t be needing them I followed and soon found out – free electric BBQ’s strategically placed around the park. What a fantastic idea. You simply press a button and the BBQ heats up perfectly sufficiently for cooking food on it. Genius!
On the eventual arrival of Michael’s friends we sat around drinking ice cold beer (kept cool in huge cool boxes, or Eskys). After the food and beer was gone, a game of touch rugby took off. The rules are pretty much the same as in England but the Aussies have an alternative called AFL.
The tragedy of AFL is another story (sorry guys!) but simply this game is like a sane version of rugby without the violence. The rules are similar in that you have two teams but AFL contains 18 players in one team. They have to get the ball (slightly smaller than a rugby ball) to the other side of the pitch through kicking it, running with it and passing it (all of which can be done forwards) before kicking the ball through the goal (again which looks like a set of rugby posts and the goals are much like a rugby conversion). I just don’t understand what 18 players on a team could possibly be doing to warrant them all begin on the pitch at once! Maybe that’s just because I’m English!
It was great fun to have a kick around with a ball again, something I haven’t done in so long. After a quick visit to Coffee Club for a snack we all went home for a power nap before heading out into town.
Our night out was great. Eventually. I had to be driven back home to collect my passport, as the bouncers would not accept my driver’s licence. We ended up in a club called Birdie Num Nums (a bizarre name for a club) and had a great dance till around 2am when we headed home.
The nightlife definitely lived up to Michael’s description of it; the partying till 5am, the dance music all night long and the scale of the places. Each bar/pub we visited were huge and most of them had a club associated with them, which had at least two different levels to them.

One thought on “New Farm Park And A Few Drinks Later

  1. Wanker …. hrm…. hehee. Least you got to meet all our friends.
    And whats the deal with leaving at 2am .. I call soft of that one 🙂


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