The Joys Of Drainpipe Jeans

Today, Monday, was the first day I was alone all day. Michael had to attend the first Microsoft course and Helen was at work. I took myself into Brisbane at 8am and in 4 hours I managed to find a pair of beautiful drainpipe jeans, which I have been wanting for ages. I love this place even more! I also spotted a pair of grey slouch boots for $190 (approximately £70) and bought a pair of smart summer suit trousers and a pair of smart shorts/three quarter length trousers with a turn up.
In total I have spent around $200 on clothes, which equates to about £80.
Again, this place is amazing.
Since being here I have come to the conclusion that I would love to live here one day. Out of all the places I have been; France, Holland, Spain, Greece, Malta, America, Canada, Cuba and Turkey to name a few, Brisbane has definitely made an impression on me. I think it’s got something to do with the modern style, the lifestyle, the weather and the relaxed atmosphere created from outdoor living. The winter months are certainly nice and warm and although I have never experienced the oppressive heat that makes up the summer, the Australians’ seem fairly prepared to cope with it – air conditioning units everywhere and houses built on stilts to give good air circulation. One of the huge bonuses is the cost of living. Although this is relative to the average wage, if you saved in Britain for 5 years and immigrated to Australia you would immediately be put into the wealthy bracket.

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