Simon and Kristy both had the day off today so they took me driving around Brisbane. We covered over 200km and I saw so many things. They took me to both Michael’s schools (Bald Hills and St Paul’s), two of his old houses (Bald Hills and Cashmere), the places Simon and Michael used to play at as kids, Mount Nebo, Mount Cootha and Somerset dam. We stopped for a really nice lunch in a cute café at the top of Mount Cootha and then drove back through the city to their house.
In the evening, we went for dinner with Simon’s dad and his partner, his sister and her little boy. The restaurant was called café Primavera and was set on the side of the road about 30 minutes out of the city. It was a classy place with good wine and yummy food.
Conversation centred mainly around Simon and Michael as kids, which gave me a good impression as to what little boys get up to; throwing rocks at the neighbours, setting things on fire and building holes in unused quarries just to name a few!

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