Boutiques In Paddington

Felt really awake for the first time this whole holiday, think I’m finally relaxed and over the jet lag! Got up and started work on my dissertation which was something I was determined to do while over here, the model student that I am (cough, cough)! I sunbathed for a bit, to enable me to bring the suntan back as proof of an awesome holiday!
Kristy took me to an area of Brisbane called Paddington which is a student housing village but contains some boutiques and charity shops in close proximity – my idea of heaven! We wandered the shops for a while and I picked up a leather handbag for $2 from a charity shop which was located in an old village hall. It was most definitely the best second hand shop I had ever been into as it was in a beautifully old wooden building, all the clothes were organised so looked like an ordinary high street shop and it was the largest charity shop I’d ever been into.
We stopped for a coffee in one of the places voted as having the best coffee in the city. It was a tiny little coffee house but the coffee was the best I’ve tasted at the same time as being fairly reasonably priced.
That evening the Wignall family got together for a Chinese meal. It was lovely to have a chance to just chat over dinner. Although I have met Jeremy and Ed before it was only briefly on a night out in Nottingham in January 2005 when I was slightly preoccupied with ‘wooing’ Michael! The food was lovely and had a really great time with them all.

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