Today was the first chance Michael and I had got to spend some time together since we arrived. We wandered into the city and immediately headed for the local Starbucks in the Queens Plaza (a newly build shipping mall containing Max Mara and Tiffany’s). It was nice to just sit and not have to worry about having to get home for anything and reminded me of the beginning of last semester at uni where we would go to Nottingham Starbucks on a Saturday morning and sit for hours just chatting.
We met up with Simon later that morning and he took us to his work. He works in a really modern environment and I spent the morning learning about the complications of manufacturing computers. It was quite an experience for me to see massive machines producing tiny motherboards for computers.
Michael and Simon spent a while fixing Ed’s computer and I went through Simons collection of 20,000 downloaded songs for any I wanted copying. I now posses almost double the amount of songs I had yesterday!

One thought on “Starbucks

  1. Now we play the waiting game… “ITS THE RIAA!”
    Of course these were only downloaded as backups to CD’s I already own.


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