Shifting, Lifting And Sorting

Today was spent again at Michael’s nana’s unit where more stuff was transported to various places with careful planning and ensuring we could get the maximum amount of stuff in Jeremy’s ute each trip we made.
We caught the train this time to allow us a bit of a lie-in. The trains appear to be reliable as they run on schedule, but they reminded me of the trains in the film Batman Begins – very plain and indifferent. This seems weird but compared to those in Britain, which all belong to private companies and look different depending on the company you travel with, the Queensland trains are quite different.
The train ride was enlightening – we talked about the differences in the education systems in England and Australia and although I think the kids probably learn more in Australia, maybe for the simple reason they have more respect, the systems are state controlled which I think is a strange way to organise education for the simple fact that if a child moves house from Queensland to the Northern territory they may be in a different year at school.
Anyway, we visited Jeremy’s new house on the way to Helen’s place and it really shocked me how cheap houses are here. He is paying roughly the same amount as Jade and I per week and is getting a house almost three times the size! I’m seriously jealous!
We dropped some furniture off at Jeremy’s place and continued to Helen’s flat where the rest got dropped off. Michael returned to his nana’s where he picked up the car and came home.
We went to Simon’s local (The Regatta) for dinner. It was a trendy bar with a restaurant attached to the side of it, which made it huge. Dinner was lovely, again proof that either the Aussies (like every other nation) can make better food than the British, or that it’s just cheaper so people can afford to eat at nicer restaurants. I think it’s the former!
We went back to Simon’s house to watch ‘The Ladykillers’ where I fell asleep and Michael carted me home.

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