Alexandra Headlands

We drove up to Alexandra Headlands in a little over an hour. We checked into our apartment, which was on the beach. After dropping our things off in the apartment we strolled down to the beach for a swim and sunbathe. The beach is filled with soft golden sand and a massive expanse of Pacific Ocean. Much to my dismay, however, there were no shark nets to be seen! Although I swam I made sure I did not head out too far ensuring someone else was always further out to sea than I was. This meant that if the lifeguards called a shark warning I could quickly swim into shore! All my life I have said I would never visit Australia because of the poisonous animals and now that I have I had to swim. But, not being worried about the sharks was too big a step all in one holiday! – again, no laughing please, this is a serious issue of mine!
All the lifeguards were voluntary which I thought was fantastic as they were manning the beach from 9am till 4pm every day and had been fully trained. We stayed till 4pm, went for a run along the beach and had a dinner of beans on toast. A perfect end to a perfect day!

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