Australia Zoo And The Glasshouse Mountains

We got up early today, as we had to check out by 11am, so by 10am we were heading for Australia Zoo.
When we arrived, at 11am, the animal shows were beginning in the Crococeum. We saw the snakes, tigers, birds and crocodiles. The Zoo Keepers told us each a bit about the animals and then fed them, which for the birds was not very eventful but it was very impressive for the tigers and the crocodiles.
We wandered around the zoo after the shows were over and saw a huge list of animals; snakes, birds, crocodiles, alligators, koalas and wombats (which was the first time I had ever seen one while getting to stroke all the kangaroos. It was awesome.
At around 3pm we got back into the car and drove to the Glasshouse Mountains. We had to drive up really high up a long winding road and then could see all the mountains. The landscape is totally flat except for the volcanic plugs shooting out of the ground, which once were surrounded by sandstone but the sandstone eroded away and left the igneous plugs in weird and wonderful shapes.
On our return to Brisbane we went over to Simon’s for another ‘quiet night in’ which ended at 2am after 3 bottles of wine, half a bottle of Bundenburg rum and lots of pizza! Damn you Simon!

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