The Waterhole

Today I ventured to Brisbane’s Australia Museum. Although by this time I had realised that Australia did not have many old buildings, I did expect the museum to contain a bit more history than I got to see. I left 2 hours for the museum before I was due to meet Michael for coffee but was finished by 11am. The museum consisted of a tiny collection of aboriginal art and artefacts, lots of stuffed animals (which I was not too enthusiastic about due to our recent visit to the zoo, er oh and the fact that I am a grown adult!) and information about a book called The Waterhole by an illustrator called Graeme Greene. This caught my eye as it described, in great detail, how the author had gone about illustrating his book. I have always been interested in art since I did my GCSE and to this day I wished I had done it for A-Level (the equivalent of Australia’s senior certificate) There was a clear storyboard for each page with a final watercolour, pencil and ink painting along with an ink backdrop. The colours in the painting were so rich, the detail so perfected and each of the 11 were different and a wonder to look at. I was determined to buy the book as these paintings were so exquisite. The book was a complete disappointment. The richness of the paintings had been totally lost in the book and it quickly blended into another children’s book which, unless recommended, you wouldn’t pick up.
Having overestimated the time it would take to look around the museum, I had time to go back to the flat, relax, eat and still get back to the city in time for buying the last few pieces of the holiday and meeting Michael at 4.45pm. I got my photos developed, bought a few more bits and pieces and got to Starbucks in time for Michael’s arrival. We had a coffee, a snack in Coffee Club and went to the Imax Theatre to watch The Island starring Scarlett Johansson and Sean Bean. It was a great film, especially on the big screen.
We met up with Simon for a quick drink at a bar in West End called The Pavillion and retired for the night at around 10pm.

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