So, we’ve come full circle back to where we began. I decided to take the day to pack some of the things we had collected over the month being here. I washed, ironed, washed some more and had my suitcase almost full by noon. Zim called, requesting me, as a last resort, to try and persuade Michael to skip the afternoon off work so they could carry on the drinking that had already begun. It was eventually decided, after much debate, that Zim and Al would take me to see the University of Queensland while Michael and Graham finished work after which they would meet us and we would go for dinner somewhere.
UQ is on a huge campus, about twice the size of Nottingham Main campus with 1960’s buildings dotted about. The main square and law buildings, like on all campuses, were impressively build of sandstone made to look old. Michael met us a bit later and the three of them took me (for the second time) to the Red Room, the campus bar. It was a similar size to The Ark at Nottingham but a lot more expensive. We had a couple of drinks there until our stomachs told us it was dinner-time. They took me to a chippy called A Salt And Battery! Such a place would only be found in Australia. It was ok but again, nothing compared to English fish and chips. After the food we went back to Simon’s house for a few more drinks and then everyone dispersed home. It was after all, a weekday.

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