Cigarettes And Alcohol

I spent the morning and the afternoon, on Michael’s return from his last day on the course, packing. Packing, packing and more packing eventually took its toll getting both of us angry at the weight of stuff we had to bring back home with us. Simon watched us discuss (maybe slightly angrily) with great amusement.
At 7pm Simon, Kristy, Ed and Jeremy came over and the 7 of us went for dinner at an Indian restaurant Helen knew the owners of. The food was great, if not slightly too hot for what I was used too, the wine continued appearing and we had a great time. The plan had been to carry onto a club afterwards but Michael and I were so incredibly full…and drunk… that Kristy drove us, Simon and Helen back to the flat while Ed and Jeremy went clubbing.
At Helen’s the wine continued to flow in copious amounts, to the extent that a cigar and many cigarettes were smoked to the background of piano playing. Kristy went home when Helen went to bed and the three of us carried on chatting until Michael passed out around 12pm. He clambered into bed and immediately fell into a deep sleep not to be woken for the next 10 hours. Simon and I chatted philosophically, righting the world’s wrongs, until 2am when he left to go the Regatta and I went to bed.

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