Family Day. Our Last Day.

We got up late, packed some more and got ready for the arrival of the Mead family for a banquet made by Helen. We all sat down to a fabulous lunch of lasagne, quiche, salad and wine followed by rich cheesecake, strawberries and cream. Once we had all collapsed from being fed so well, Michael’s cousin Paul played the piano and his uncle Eddie sang while we chatted amongst ourselves. Everyone left around 4pm after leaving us with more stuff to bring back to England, how are we ever going to get it all home?!
We drove to Zim’s to meet up for the last time with Michael’s friends for some poker and dinner before our flight home. Zim’s house, or houses took about 45 minutes to drive to. On our arrival, Zim and Cowan were battling it out for the poker winnings. They eventually agreed to half the winnings so we could all go out to dinner at The Hog’s Breath Café.
Dinner was good and it was nice to see all Michael’s friends before we flew home. They reminisced about old times, especially the last time they had all eaten together there (the last time they had seem Michael off to England) and other amusing tales of teenage life. We mulled about in the car park for a while, arranging a meeting time for tomorrow at the airport. It was really nice that they all seemed to want to wave Michael off at the airport, certainly showed me what good friends they have all stayed since high school.
Simon dropped us home at around 10pm.

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