Farewell Australia

Its now 8pm, we’ve been on the plane for 5 hours and have left Australia a long way behind us. It strange to think we were there for a whole month, all of which are now great memories of a fantastic time.
…Laptop batteries run out…
Finally on British soil after 25 hours flying. We got back into Liverpool at about 9am after Graeme picked us up from Manchester airport. The flight home was definitely better than the flight coming, maybe because we were both so tired and slept the majority of it, or maybe because the second leg of the journey was the long 14 hour one. We’ve showered, partly unpacked and been food shopping so are going to finish unpacking and then probably fall asleep at around 4pm local time (1am Brisbane time). Hopefully Michael will not suffer badly with the jet lag this time and so he will go to work tomorrow and I will drive back to Nottingham.
This trip is the longest I have been away from Britain for, probably the longest period of time in which I have hardly spoken to my parents for, certainly the most intense time I have spent with Michael since we got together. I loved every part of being away for a whole month, it was surprisingly easy and always fun. I had the best time in Australia and I will definitely visit it again someday.

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