Well I’ve been back from Australia for three weeks now and this is the first chance I’ve had to write an entry.
The time has simply flown by. I realise I didn’t write any entries while I was in Australia. I was just so busy there that I barely had time to think let alone write down what I was thinking and post it to the Internet! I was working all day most of the time, with the rest spread between family responsibilities, catching up with friends, and spending time with Nikkie. I loved my time over there, it was great to go back and see everyone again, and show Nikkie where I grew up. I was exhausted by the end of it though, and partly glad to be heading back “home” to the UK. So I didn’t write any entries while I was over there, but Nikkie did. She grabbed my laptop when I wasn’t using it and wrote something about every day we were there. It covers my experiences pretty well; just substitute all the exciting things she did during the week with boring “Michael Works”. I’ve uploaded all the entries she has written to my blog, which have been slightly edited because she originally wrote them for her own more personal blog.
Anyway so I was away for three and a half weeks, and now I’ve been back for three weeks. It’s August bank holiday weekend so I get tomorrow off! It’s going to be the first proper rest I’ve had since returning from Aus. Things at work have been crazy. I knew they were going to be, so I was ready for it, but still it has meant that a lot of other things (such as updating this blog) have had to be put on hold. I’ve been working 80 hour weeks for the past three weeks; routinely working till eight or nine each night as well as Saturdays and sometimes Sundays. It’s hard work, but it’s interesting. I’ve gotten so much accomplished that it’s really amazing. My workload won’t slacken off until the 22nd of September, when the main initial deliverable for the project is due. After that I’m taking a couple of days off to recover. I’m working long hours but I am getting paid really well to do it, and I love my work, and really the only downside at the moment is that Nikkie is on summer holidays and I haven’t been able to spend as much time with her as I would have liked. The first two weeks after getting back she went to Holland, so I had no qualms about working late into the night. I only had an empty flat to go home to, so I was quite happy sitting at work chatting with the other crazies (Geoff and Linda) who were also working late. Now that Nikkie is back though and staying with my up in Liverpool, my priorities have shifted, and I find myself coming home earlier and earlier.
This weekend there is the Mathew Street Festival on in Liverpool as well as Creamfields! There is live music, and so much going on. It is supposed to be my first real rest weekend, but I don’t really feel like I am getting much rest.
Anyway I’ll do my best to update more often, but don’t get your hopes up guys.

One thought on “Workaholic

  1. Good to see you made it back alright and you’re now working your arse off.
    It’s also good to see that Nikkie/You left out all the incriminating parts of the trip 🙂
    I’ll talk to you later.


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