Driving Places

Well I am on the train again. It’s Sunday night and I’m on the Manchester express from Nottingham. From Manchester I’ll get a train across to Liverpool Lime Street, and then another one up to Crosby. The whole trip will take me a little over three hours. I could have driven. That would have only taken me about two and a half. However then I wouldn’t have had the time to write this blog entry! I am not that good a driver to be able to concentrate on the road at 90 mph and type on a laptop at the same time.
Oh yeah, so I’ve got a company car now. It’s pretty funny how it all works out. I borrowed one of the bosses cars while he was on holiday (they are all registered and insured under the company, but the big boss has like four of them for his whole family). So while he was away I was allowed to use one of them, and even though he has now returned, he hasn’t asked for it back. I do use it for company work some of the time. I had to drive down to Telford, where all our Regional Project Managers are based, for a meeting a couple of weeks ago, but for the most part I use it to drive the 5 minutes between work and my flat, and sometimes under the river to my cousin’s place, and just once down to Nottingham and back. I have mentioned in passing to the boss that I’ve still got one of his cars, but he said nobody was really using it at the moment, so I could use it for the time being. Awesome!!
I love my job. I’m living rent free in a company flat, five minutes down the road from work. I’ve got a company car, and I’m getting paid great money! I’ve got no real expenses at all. I’m saving heaps and still having a great time.

One thought on “Driving Places

  1. You know what … I liked it better when you didnt write new posts.
    Once again you’ve made me realize how shit of a position I am in 🙂


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