It’s 8pm Friday night and I am on the train down to Nottingham. I am taking tomorrow off work. It will be the first Saturday for as long as I can remember that I am not working.
I really need the break.
The end of this week marks the end of the big initial phase of development for the Enterprise Project Management system I am working on. We met our deliverables; we got them in on time and on budget. In fact we got the system implemented ahead of schedule!
To meet the extremely tight schedule that was imposed upon us I had to work sixty hour plus weeks. Now I need a rest.
So I’m going down to Nottingham to meet up with my beautiful girlfriend Nikkie, and we are going to have a nice, fun, relaxing weekend, totally work and stress free.
I can’t wait to see Nikkie again. I just want to fall into her arms and forget all the stresses of this past week. She makes me feel so at ease when I’m around her. I forget all my troubles and am simply happy.
Nottingham here I come!

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