I am on the train once more.
Perhaps I should rename this blog from Genesisdreams to TrainLog, or RailJournal or something like that because that’s what it is becoming.
I’ve got Star Guitar blazing from my earphones as I type this. The quaint English country side whizzing by in time with the beats. I’m hyped up on one too many train trolley lattes and am in the mood to write!
I had the most wonderful weekend. On Friday night Nikkie and I met up with all of our friends at bar BZR. After one too many triple vodka and oranges we made our way down to Ocean, our usual Friday night clubbing haunt, and managed to get in without tickets and without too much queuing! They had redone the place somewhat, but they still played the same old cheesey music. It was great! I had forgotten how much I enjoyed clubbing, both Nikkie and I really needed a good long dance.
Saturday we did some more stuff, went out for dinner, watched the OC season 3 and the first two episodes of Lost season 2. Sunday we did more stuff, then I got on the train home.
I don’t really feel like writing a full account of that stuff now. It was such a wonderful weekend I don’t really want to write about it in detail. I’d like to keep a lot of it for just Nikkie and I.
Still I am in the mood to write. I’ve talked about work, university, travel, friends, books, music, and movies in my blog before. I’ve talked about my love life. I’ve talked about my hopes and fears. I’ve talked about my dreams.
This blog is called Genesisdreams. I started it more than two years ago now with the intention of providing a link to my family and friends back home. At that that point I was only planning on coming to the UK for a year, on exchange for University. This blog was designed to help me keep in touch with those I left behind back home. Over the years though its purpose has changed somewhat. It now represents to me a record of a new beginning. It’s a history of the beginning of my dreams. I didn’t really know where my place was until recently, I was unsure about my future, about what I wanted to do, where I wanted to be, who I wanted to spend it with. I had ambitions, I had hopes, and I had plans. I had dreams. Dreams about where I wanted my life to go, about what I wanted to achieve with it. Through this blog I hope I’ve allowed you to witness the genesis of these dreams. Reading back over my entries I think you can follow a definite sense of purpose, of direction, leading me to a turning point. We all have a road to walk down, and we face forks in that road every day of our lives. Occasionally though we come to a junction from which there is no turning back. If you take the wrong path you can’t simple retrace your steps and take the other once. Our decisions shape our lives, and I think that looking back over this blog you can see what the major decisions were that I faced, and what helped lead my to my final choices.
Go down the wrong path and your dream ends, how down the right one, and it’s only the beginning.
Written while listening to Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar

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