I don’t own a TV. In the UK they have this absurd notion of a TV Licence. You need to pay about £130 pound a year just to own a TV! Ostensibly this is to pay for the BBC. I object to the universality of the licence fee though. If I own a TV, even if I never watch the BBC, even if I don’t even have an aerial hooked up, even if I just watch videos on it, or use it with a playstation, or whatever, I have to pay the fee.
Well fuck that. I’d rather just not have a TV. It frees up a surprisingly large amount of free time actually. When I get home from work I can’t just flop onto the couch and mindlessly watch some rubbish that is on. I actually do things, constructive things, and if I do want to watch a show I have to specifically choose something and watch it on my computer. There is no “luck of the draw” aspect to it.
So yes I don’t own a TV, but I do own a computer, and computers don’t count unless you have a TV tuner card installed that allows you to watch conventional TV. So I do get to watch movies and the latest TV shows, as long as they are in a format my PC can display. I rent DVDs and watch them, and I also follow the latest TV shows.
At the moment I am watching The O.C. Season 3, Lost Season 2, Battlestar Galactica Season 2 and Spooks Season 4. These are all really great show! The quality of TV has certainly improved over the past couple of years.

3 thoughts on “No TV

  1. How can you not watch TV? You’re missing out on such great shows as ‘Britain’s Best Back Garden’, ‘Britain’s Worst Teenager’ and ‘World’s Wildest Police Videos’, and that’s only today! Ok…actually…come to think of it, I might throw our TV out the window and come join you in the civilised world!


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