Random Stuff

It’s Friday night, and I’m on the train down from Liverpool to Nottingham. It’s been busy at work again, so this is the first time I’ve been able to take some time and write about what’s been going on in my life.
The project we are working on is moving from the Site Survey and Design Phase to the Implementation Phase, which means big changes in the way we are currently doing things. Everyone is rushing to get ready and so things are very hectic.
I don’t want to talk about work though. I always talk about work.
I’m passing through Manchester at the moment. It’s such a beautiful city. The train is elevated and the view of the cityscape from its windows is wonderful. We pass through some truly gorgeous English countryside between Manchester and Sheffield. Sometimes I can pass hours simply staring out the window and watching it all fly by.
It’s getting cold. The clocks switched back an hour last Saturday night, it gets less sunny every day. I’m constantly wearing coats and jackets. It’s almost time to pull my gloves and scarf out. I read in the paper that this year we are going to have one of the coldest winters in history. Crap. The only bright side is that it may snow heavily over Christmas. I would love to have a truly white Christmas, to build snowmen and have snow ball fights. To cuddle up in front of the fire and eat brandy covered cakes. Ok so maybe it being cold this winter isn’t such a bad thing after all.
I got paid today! My nice fat payslip is sitting in my pocket. Money is a strange thing. I’ve got more of it now than I’ve ever had before, and it’s changing my perception of things. It is to be expected I guess. My standards are rising. I can afford better clothes now, better food, and better wine. My tastes are becoming more refined. I can afford better quality things, and so now I’m beginning to not settle for lesser quality things anymore. I guess ignorance really is bliss, because before I wouldn’t have dreamed on spending lots of money of a good bottle of wine, but then before I didn’t know any better.
God I must sound like such a snob. That’s really not the case though. I’m saving my money; I put almost all of it away. I think long term when it comes to money. The only debt I have is my student loan. I’ve got no overdraft, no credit card bill. I am not spending lots of money now on assets that will only depreciate with time, I’d rather put that money away so it increases with time instead of decreases. My standard of living may have increased a since I started earning a decent wage, but I’m still essentially living a student lifestyle.
I don’t know why I decided to write about that. I’m all over the place at the moment. I’ve got so many things running around my head I’m struggling to keep track of them all.
I had a big meeting down in Telford on Wednesday. Once the day was over we all went out for dinner and then got very drunk. Thankfully we were crashing in the hotel that night and didn’t have to return to Liverpool until the next day. The Regional Project Managers are all based in Telford, and they have been living in that hotel for almost four months now. The go home for the weekends to see their wives and children, but during the week they camp out in the hotel and do their work. It must be a very strange life. They have all gotten to know the hotel staff very well, particularly the bar staff.
My mind is wandering again. I’m almost at Nottingham. I’ve been writing this on and off for more than two hours now. I can’t want to see Nikkie. I miss her so much. I had to work last weekend and so didn’t get a chance to see her. I can’t remember us being apart for this long since last Christmas!! I’m staying down in Nottingham through till Monday, so I’ll have plenty of time to spend with her this weekend. We haven’t got anything in particular planned. Most of all I just want to sit with her, to talk with her, to look at her. It’s really scary how much I love this girl.
I’ve got a spare battery now for my laptop, so I can get about 4 hours of usage out of it now. Half way through I just shut down, whip out the dead battery and replace it with the spare charged one. It makes a really big difference being able to work for that long. I’m almost lost without my laptop now.
Well we are almost there, so I had better wind this up. I’ve got to pack up all my stuff and get ready to jump off the train and into the arms of my beloved. Take care everyone, I’m thinking of you.

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