European Champions!

Last night Liverpool FC won the Champions League in an amazing comeback after being 3-0 down at half time. The atmosphere was incredible and everyone was on the end of their seats when after 90 minutes of normal time, and 30 minutes of extra time, Liverpool were level with AC Milan at 3 all. It came down to penalties and Liverpool’s keeper did a fantastic job, saving a number of goals and leading the team through to victory!
Wow and this town certainly knows how to party.
Anyway, I now have internet and a phone line at my flat, and I’m writing this with a slight headache, 10 minutes before I have to head off to work, so I had better go and get ready!
Take care everyone!

International Rules Football

I am going to Ireland this weekend!
I am going to Dublin to be more specific to see the Aussies play the Irish in a game of International Rules Football, which is a sort of mix between Australian Rules Football and Gaelic Football. Though of course that’s really just the excuse to go, the main reason is of course the drinking and partying. Dublin is renowned as a party capital and we are certainly going to make the most of it. This is definitely a boys only weekend (or long weekend really, we don’t fly back until late Monday night) and I am sure we’ll get up to all sorts of trouble. I’m going with my cousin and a lot of his friends, and there will be a good mix of Australians and Irish in the group, with a few English stuck in the middle. Whatever the result of the match we are bound to have a fantastic time and I really can’t wait. I’ve never been to Ireland before and I am looking forward to adding that to my list of places visited as well.
I’ll tell everyone all about it when I get back. Or maybe not, because as the saying goes, what happens on tour, stays on tour ^_^

Pub Quiz

Last night we went down to the local pub, The Crown, for dinner and a couple of pints.
While we were there we got caught up in the Sunday night pub quiz! Now the English pub quiz is a very competitive game, and some of the old blokes in the pub didn’t take kindly to us yelling out the answers when we thought we knew them, or with the “comedy” answers we wrote on our answer sheet when we didn’t know. We didn’t win in the end, but that’s ok, we had a great time, and it was a good start to the week.
Currently listening to Mr. Blue Sky by ELO.

Strike That. Reverse It.

I went to see Kill Bill Vol. 2 yesterday afternoon. Wow. I think I like this volume even more than the first one. The snappy dialogue was there, the references to other moves, the fantastic action sequences, and the wonderful conclusion. It’s a great film all round. I particularly liked the Bride’s (wait we know her name now!) training session (ah so many references!), as well as the repeated mentions back to Hattori Hanzo, his swords, and the consequence (though never stated directly) of his breaking his blood oath not to make another sword. Like the first volume, this is a film that I am going to have to go seen many more times. I wish it was released as one completed film.
In other news, I’ve started up a little poker tournament with some of the guys in the Hall. We sit up in the common room on B floor, drink beer (we were too lazy to get whiskey or cigars) and have some fun. It’s a £5 buy in, 5p minimum bet. I wanted to play Texas Hold-em, but in the end we played standard five card stud. I ended up losing almost all of my £5 last night. Of course it’s all part of my strategy to draw everyone in and keep them playing ^_^ (that’s what I’d like to think at least).
So little to do, so much time to do it in.
Written while listening to Yours Truly, 2095 by ELO.

Moving, Just Keep Moving…

It’s been a busy last couple of days.

  • Firday, Fragma and I did some running around, I did some banking, paid my accommodation for the first semester, bought some stuff I needed from the shops, did last minute chores.
  • Friday night, Wulfen, Ads, Ruro, Skett, Nash and I went over to Fragma’s to watch some Initial D.
  • Saturday, I spent boxing up the rest of my stuff. It’s almost all boxed away by this point.
  • Saturday night, (from left to right) Scuzzy, Ads, Nash, Apollo, Wulfen, Dublex, Jimbo, Ruro and Fragma took me out to dinner.
  • Sunday morning, Fragma and I went to see Littlewing off at the airport. She is going on a tour around Europe for three weeks and so I had to say a final goodbye to her earlier than everyone else.
  • Sunday lunch, relatives and close friends of the family came over. We drank some beer, watched the cricket, and I was given more advice than I knew what to do with.
  • Sunday night, Fragma and I went over to Nash’s to see his new PS2 steering wheel setup, then we went to Wulfen’s to pick up a copy of X-COM Aftermath, and then went back to my place to play it for about five hours.
  • Monday, I started the long process of burning cds of all the important stuff on my computer and I went through all my clothes and got rid of four big garbage bags full of stuff I would never wear again.
  • Monday night, Calvin came over (for the last time, our Monday night routine has come to an end), and then (multitasking again) we went to Ads’s place to drop of some stuff, then to Wulfen’s to drop off some more stuff (I’ve been giving away a lot of stuff I can’t keep) and then to Chermside to play some DDR, Dance Freaks and Initial D for the last time.

And now I’m here writing this. I was going to go to bed, but I wanted to get this all out now while I have the time.
It’s been a really good last couple of days. I spent a great deal of time with my friends and family, and it emphasised just how much they all mean to me. There are a lot of thankyou’s that need to be said, but I’ll leave them for tomorrow night (^_^). I really should get some sleep now. I’ve got a lot of stuff to do tomorrow, there are still so many things left to organise, and I haven’t even thought about starting to pack my backpack!
Written while listening to Moving by Supergrass.

Dance Freaks

My arms are sore.
I’ve discovered the fun that is Dance Freaks. It’s a DDR’esq game where you use your hands to trigger IR sensors instead of dancing on pads. Tonight, after a tortuous run on DDR where I took on Max300 and MaxUnlimited in one game, I played some serious DF, and I had a great time. It involves a totally different set of movements to DDR, but the concept of keeping the beat and moving in time with it stays the same. The biggest problem though is that I’m too tall for the machine, which means whenever I need to do one of the low “steps” I must bend down. This means that I’m bobbing all over the place during a difficult song. It’s great fun though, and I’ll probably play it a lot more now in the future.
I also gave Virtual Cop 3 a go, though I tried something different and played with the two guns. I put credits in for two players, and then played two handed. It was tricky to get used to (and I came to realise who bloody unrealistic it is when they do it in movies), but I almost got through the entire first level on my initial credits. I tended to favour my right hand, but a couple of times I did some awesome shots where two bad guys would appear on the screen and the same time, and I would shoot both straight away, one with my right hand, the other with my left. I must have looked pretty silly, but it was late, and only my friends were around so I didn’t really care. It was a lot of fun.
After that ads, nash, fragma, Wulfen and I went back to fragma’s place to watch some southpark, snooker, nakednews and family guy (not necessarily in that order), we had a few drinks, coughed our lungs out (we are all sick at the moment) and generally spread our illnesses everywhere. Like most things tonight it was also a lot of fun!
Now I’m home, I haven’t even started writing the conference paper I talked about a couple of weeks ago (*gasp*) and I think I shall go to bed.