Abandoned, Alone, Happy!

So one by one my friends are abandoning me.
Graeme left to go back up to Liverpool a couple of weeks ago. He is changing courses and so is repeating his second year. That being the case he didn’t see much point in showing up to the rest of the lectured he had this term.
Nikkie moved out more than a week ago now, and the last of her stuff is finally gone. The house seems really cold and empty without her.
Bruce got the train up to Edinburgh on Friday. It’s Easter holidays and he is going home, first to Scotland, and then over to Dubai. He wont be back till the 17th of April, when he will be down “taking part” (or watching as I prefer to call it) in the London Marathon.
Viki left on Saturday. She was getting the train all the way over to Cardiff, where she was going to spend the night (and celebrate Wales’ Six Nations Grand Slam Victory!!) before heading home for a couple of weeks.
Ben left on Saturday as well, up to Liverpool to party and sit off at home for a whole month before having to come back here for the start of next term.
Ads leaves tomorrow. He is flying up to Edinburgh to meet up with Bruce for a bit and then travel around Scotland. He’s been here for three and a half weeks now, and it has been great seeing him again and hanging out. I must admit I’ve been a bit of a poor host. I’ve been spending almost every free moment with Nikkie lately, and so Ads has had lots of days and nights sitting off with the rest of my housemates watching DVDs or reading books. Sorry about that mate.
So that leaves me. Alone. Abandoned. In this big old house, all by myself.
The good new is that Nikkie has another week of lectures before her Easter holidays start, and isn’t planning on going home until April anyway (and she has invited me down then as well!) so that means that I probably wont be so alone in this big old house. In fact I doubt I’ll be by myself very much at all for the next couple of weeks. We are going to make the most of this time together, while I’m down here, before I have to move away. We are going to have some quality time coming up, totally for each other, without having to worry about other friends, or work, or study, or anything else at all.
I can’t wait.
Written while listening to Alex Lloyd – Amazing.

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